Cafer Pala

* 1985 in Van, Türkei

Lebt in Istanbul, Türkei

Cafer Pala got his bachelor degree from YTU Art and Design faculty. Nowadays he works as a photographer and video artist on various fields to pursue his own projects.

Waiting on Shore


2:24 min


Directed by Cafer Pala
Music Oi Va Voi
2016, Van-Turkey

This short was shot at the most eastern region of Turkey and on the shore of the most largest lake in the country.

In these lands where I was born and grew up; political and social conditions enforce people to immigrate, to leave their home. The yearning of the people for the land where they were born, the strong bond they built with the land, calls them back every now and then.
The feeling of devotion among these back and forth continues throughout this distance. The thing that defines the distance between the starting point and the place you exist, the thing that what makes you endure to that distance is the deep relationship you establish with the journey.