Dana Fabini

* 1963 in Rumänien

lebt in Deutschland und Rumänien

1983-1987 she studied at the Art Academy in Cluj-Napoca / 2005 doctoral degree on visual arts. Since 1990 she constantly exhibits in art galleries and museums as well as outdoors in public spaces. She works with text and image and develops classical techniques, performance and multimedia under the concept of Bibliotheca Diotima: a personal library in continual transformation. She coordinates art projects and makes contributions to social creativity.

Waiting room: loneliness


2:22 min

14 waiting room
13 waiting room
1 waiting room
5 waiting room

direction, poetry, voice and performance: Dana Fabini
setting, film editing: Ligia Smarandache
camera: Marius Popuț
sound recording: Mircea Kiraly
Englisch translation: Christian M. Fabini
copyright: Dana Fabini, 2017

The short film is a metaphor about love and solitude, unity and separation, desire and restriction. Poetry and performance are based on repetitive structures as in a loop, the hole scenery evokes the shadow theater. The experience of distance and proximity is also shown in this fragment.