Mide Placido

* 1957 in Porugal

lebt in Cantanhede/Coimbra, Portugal

Graduated in Visual Artes at EUAC University School of Arts of Coimbra. She attended Master`s degree in Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of Aveiro. She regularly participates in projects in various areas, seeking to enrich not only her artistic practice, as well as create opportunities for dialogue and thematic reflection that, in some ways, can trigger stimulating artistic processes.
Her projects are born of reflections and questions, around the day-to-day concerns and concepts such as human nature, stereotypes, identity and gender. Through critical and ironic dialogue, combining means and languages, ranging from  self-representation, photography, video and installation.

Her work aims, essentially, to generate thoughts and dialogues with the public.



1:40 min

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plastique_mide plácido.Still001
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Wanders about the concept of seduction. It marks the beginning of a research and artistic investigation journey around the body of the media and the culture of appearance.
As title, Plastique, appropriates the name of a fictional female super villain of BD books, published by DC Comics.