Daniel Balanescu

*1967 in Targu Jiu, Romania

lebt in Oxford, Großbritannien + Cluj-Napoca, Rumänien

1992 – 1998 National University of Arts Bucharest, (Ex Art Academy Nicolae Grigorescu) Bachelor of Design in Textile Design Romania – Tapestry – Printing Works Department

I started my art career as a social artist in a post-communist country. Human greed, dictatorship and corrupt politicians inspired me just as much as a love story would. Most of my works are inspired by the turmoil of our times. Having spent my childhood in Romania’s mining area, I grew up watching hardships of an often brutal life. Although as an artist I have used different techniques and materials to bring my ideas to life (silkscreen print-serigraph and experiments with fabric, threads, stitch, paint, text, wax and unusual mixed media materials, subway tickets, canvas, watercolor, collage etc.) My works are a lot about human nature and what comes out of it in unusual circumstances.

Selected projects, personal & group exhibitions:
2017 -Tac au tac – Joelle Pappas “ What the Wind told the Tree“ Tops costumes, textiles veils, costumes
2016 – ColourWays – workshop St Luke’s Church, Oxford, 8 weeks experimenting with colors
– Home Fest – Bucharest – The Unfinished Journey
2015 – ‚Where’s the Art?‘ | CARU 2nd Anniversary-Modern Art Oxford performance: with Macarena Ortuzar and Nini Sakhri
– Safe to cross – workshop St Luke’s Church, Oxford
2014 – I am The System – Aiurart, Contemporary Art Center Bucharest

Running Man


1 : 08 min


Directed by Brigitta Both, Music by Huma-Huma (Clouds), Artworks by Daniel Balanescu

«You cross borders. You cross mental attitudes. You can’t remain in one place. Sometimes you cross so you’ll live better, looking for a better job, a place where you’ll feel better, maybe sometimes you’ll even cross to go where loves calls you. Other times you are pushed from behind, chased away by wars, dictatorships or natural disasters. Even when you think you’re staying in one place, when you extract yourself from the present and isolate yourself in your own private world, refusing to leave your city, your house or your space for years in a row, you are still a fish scale that moves along with the fish it clings to. And that constantly moving fish is time.»